For Parents Involved in Home Education and Home Schooling

In Ohio, a parent interested in educating his/her child at home may request from their resident school district superintendent that the child be excused from compulsory school attendance for home education purposes. Home Education is directed by the parent or guardian of a child who has been excused from attending school. Under this option, the parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials and takes responsibility for educating the child. There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option.

Home education students do not receive a diploma recognized by the State Board of Education. When pursuing employment or advanced education, home education students may need to complete the GED to show equivalence to a state recognized high school diploma.

Hamilton County ESC provides Home Education / Home Schooling Services for the following school districts: Finneytown, Forest Hills, Northwest, Oak Hills, Southwest. If you reside in one of these districts and want to Home Educate / Home School your child, download our Home Schooling Packet.

For any school district not listed, please contact the school district directly. Additional information concerning Home Education and Home Schooling can be found at the Ohio Department of Education.

For Parents with Children in Early Childhood Integrated Programs

For Head Start Parents

Parents, we can help you meet academic reporting requirements!

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To help homeschool families meet the requirements set forth in rule 3301-12-01 of the administrative code, Hamilton County ESC will be offering the online Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) Form E Complete Battery.

Learn more and register your child.

District Representative for Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs

We can serve on behalf of the public school district of residence as the District Representative for students with special needs who access the Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs.

The representative completes district responsibilities in the Scholarship Application System through the ODE secure SAFE portal. This can include:

  • reviewing student applications to determine scholarship eligibility
  • editing data and flagging applications in cases of data discrepancies 
  • uploading IEP’s and other related documents for applicants
  • responding to communications and completing tasks received from the ODE scholarship program staff

The representative handles all aspects of the ETR and IEP process including:

  • coordinating and scheduling meetings (private schools/service providers, parents, related service personnel and outside agencies)
  • gathering information and results to write the ETR and/or develop IEP’s for students who access the scholarship by working with the necessary district colleagues and private schools/providers
  • completing all procedural parts of the ETR and IEP process while meeting all legal requirements and timelines
  • conducting the ETR and/or IEP meetings
  • ensuring proper documentation is filed and managed for the district and in the State Scholarship Portal

Sally Demmler

Home Education Notification Processing

Home Education Notification Processing is provided to school districts when parents opt to home educate their child. Parents must submit paperwork to the school district to have their child be excused from compulsory attendance. Hamilton County ESC reviews the notification form for accurate completion, contacts the parents regarding the status of their notification, and provides reports to the district regarding the status of each notification.

At the end of each school year, Hamilton County ESC sends reminder notices to the parents of home educated students to remind them to submit a new notification, as well as the required assessment for the new school year.

Hamilton County ESC works with the school district’s attendance officers to coordinate information when students are not in attendance and the parents have not submitted the home school notification for processing.

Parent of a home schooled child? Please see our information for parents.

Catherine Schulte

Nicole Dietrich

Job Coaches

Hamilton County ESC supports students with disabilities who are working on job and employment skills. Job Coaches will work with your Work Study/Transition Coordinator to support students in job placements within the community.

Job Coach Responsibilities

  • accompany students to jobs/work settings (can provide transportation at the district’s request);
  • work with the student to meet employer’s expectations;
  • help students develop work skills and social skills needed for employment after graduation;
  • serve as a liaison between supervisors on the job, student and school team;
  • collaborate with school teams to help meet IEP goals and gather data to support goal attainment.

Joan Lawerence

Special Education Supervision Services in District

Does your district need a special education coordinator or director? Through collaboration with district administration, Hamilton County ESC supervisors offer leadership and assistance with the delivery of special education services.

Focus on learning and supporting the work of all of your staff and students

  • Work with other district leaders to support a comprehensive MTSS/RtI process
  • Assist with service delivery design, implementation, and evaluation
  • Provide information on current federal, state and local mandates, guidelines and hot button issues
  • Coordinate and provide professional development for staff
  • Ensure special education compliance
  • Work collaboratively with district and building leaders in all aspects of district work
  • Assist in the staffing and hiring of special needs personnel
  • Assist in the development and implementation of district policies and procedures
  • Serve as the district representative in special education meetings
  • Provide research on new methods, strategies, and materials related
    to special education

Do you have a new special education director?

We offer mentor/consultation services to help support new leaders. All services are customized to the needs of the district.

Joan Lawrence

Pathways to Employment

RESCHEDULED FOR FEB 7TH! – Open House at Scarlet Oaks location – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Pathways to Employment is a unique comprehensive program for students with disabilities, between the ages of 18 and 22, who are in need of a program centered on work and life skills. The program prepares students to successfully transition from school, to live and work in their community.

Pathways to Employment has two classroom sites: one in Blue Ash and the other at the Scarlet Oaks Career Campus.

What makes the program unique?

  • Provide individualized instruction in the community focusing on functional academics and daily living skills such as budgeting, shopping, travel training, safety, time management, cooking, self-advocacy, socializing, etc.
  • Provide hands-on experience in a variety of jobs
  • Provide several short term work experiences (2-3 months per work experience) in the community to learn work skills and determine which work field is best suited to the student’s skills and interests
  • Provide job coaches and transportation for all community work experiences
  • Assist with linking students with various community resources
  • Provide information for networking with area adult agencies for financial, assisted living, follow-along work services, and community support
  • Assist in transitioning students to their next step in life (i.e. further educational opportunities, competitive employment, adult services, etc.)

Joan Lawrence

Students and Parents Share

“…love, love, love this program. My son is confident, independent and ready for competitive employment.”

“…Wish my son could stay longer than one more year!”

“Pathways is awesome. I can do all kinds of things independently – ride the metro, go to the grocery and the bank…”

“The staff consistently goes the extra mile. My daughter has learned more in this program than she did her whole high school career.”

Learning Center at North Norwood

The Hamilton County ESC Learning Center at North Norwood is a public separate school for students with disabilities specializing in intensive supports for students with behavioral and/or mental health needs. An interdisciplinary approach provides a team of professionals working with the student and his/her family and community-support systems in building effective academic and social/behavioral strategies needed to be successful in his/her most natural educational and community setting.

Services Provided:

  • Provide a link in the continuum of services for students with disabilities experiencing behavioral and/or mental health needs
  • Facilitate collaboration between families, schools, and community-support systems in addressing students’ behavioral and/or mental health needs, including assisting in the connection of students to mental health services
  • Unique courses including: Rock and Roll Academy, Music Industry Leadership, and Career Credentialing Programs
  • Provide a structured behavioral-support program including: school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) – Daily instruction in social skills; instruction in affective education and communication skills; small-group interventions for students demonstrating common behavioral needs (e.g., group work, conflict resolution); intensive, individualized interventions utilizing the processes of functional behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention planning
  • Provide a highly-structured academic program delivered by Highly-Qualified Teachers and utilizing the principles of differentiated instruction
  • Provide nursing, school psychological, school counseling, occupational therapy, speech-language, and work study/transition coordinator services based upon students’ needs and as directed by their IEPs
  • Facilitate the provision of other related services as directed by student IEPs
  • Assist districts in meeting the requirements of federal, state, and local special education directives

In addition to services provided on site, the Learning Center at North Norwood also offers consultative services to schools, families, and community-service providers needing assistance in developing and implementing behavioral strategies that promote the inclusion of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Services are provided via consultation with the Learning Center’s Itinerant Teacher and are offered at an hourly rate.


Wellness Policy • 11/19/2018


Melissa Heitzman

Joseph Newman

“Timely, responsive and consistent communication has made working with the Learning Center at North Norwood team a priority contact when considering specialized placements for our diverse learners. Warm, genuine caring and consideration of student need has made LCNN a favorite among our clients. The Learning Center at North Norwood creates a welcoming environment and makes confident learners of our students. For many of them, changing the outcome and paving the path to success.”
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Bridget McComas
Cincinnati Public Schools

Early Childhood Itinerant Services

Early Childhood special educators provide support services to children with disabilities in Head Start, home, preschool, child care centers, or a district site.

Program Design

  • Implement IEP goals in designated settings
  • Consult with parents and program staff
  • Modify curriculum responsive to individual needs
  • Provide environmental modification
  • Develop behavior management and intervention strategies
  • Evaluate need for alternative communication methods
  • Develop multi-sensory activities and materials
  • Utilize specialized approaches for children with PDD/autism spectrum disorder
  • Coordinate transition planning with district personnel and families
  • Provide ongoing assessment and data collection of the student’s development
  • Collaborate with therapists working with the student
  • Develop individual interventions for home and school settings
  • Network with families and staff to secure additional resources available in the community
  • Responsive to developing a relationship with the family
  • Liaison for the district to the family or other service providers
  • Development and sharing of various materials designed to support the students’ needs
  • Participation in initial district team and IEP meeting

Lisa Miller

Sandy Crowell

Early Childhood Comprehensive Consultation and Professional Development

We can provide comprehensive consultation to district administrators and staff regarding all aspects of Early Childhood. Professional development is offered around state and national initiatives, standards, curriculum development, and implementation. We help strengthen district early childhood service delivery by providing access to the latest information and resources.

Responsive Consultation

  • Programming/service delivery
  • Policies and procedures
  • Federal and state updates
  • Assessment procedures
  • State licensing requirements
  • Early Childhood initiatives
  • EMIS reporting
  • Step Up To Quality (SUTQ)

Quality Professional Development

  • Networking opportunities
  • State and national initiatives
  • Focus groups
  • Ohio Pre-K Common Core
  • Early literacy initiatives
  • Curriculum development

Nancy Struewing

Early Childhood Half-Day Programs

A trans-disciplinary team approach provides high quality programming and services all designed to meet the needs of the whole child. In all of our service areas, the focus is on meeting the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of each child.

  • Exemplary integrated programming
  • Experienced Early Childhood special educators
  • Medical needs and records monitored by program nurse
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation with program
    and families
  • Speech and Language therapy provided for identified students
  • Content standard-driven curriculum
  • Occupational therapy provided for identified students
  • Integrated team approach 
  • Integrated therapy model
  • Comprehensive individualized educational program and implementation
  • Supervision of integrated services
  • Developmentally appropriate educational practices
  • Ongoing assessment and data collection of the student’s development
  • Augmentative and technology support
  • Utilizing latest trends in developmental strategies and interventions for children with a wide range of special needs
  • Curriculum modifications responsive to an individual child’s needs

Preschool special education services provided in a center-based early childhood setting. The program provides a comprehensive service delivery model for a preschooler with a disability whose LRE is an ECE setting.

Program Design:

  • Experienced Early Childhood special educators
  • Speech and Language therapy provided for identified students
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation, with program and families
  • Occupational therapy provided for identified students
  • Integrated team approach
  • Integrated therapy model
  • Comprehensive individualized educational program and implementation
  • Ongoing assessment and data collection of the student’s development
  • Progress reporting to parents
  • Developmentally appropriate educational practices
  • Curriculum modifications responsive to an individual child’s needs
  • Enrollment of peer models
  • Participation in initial district team and IEP meetings
  • Management of data collection and progress reporting to parents
  • Team commitment to meeting with district personnel and parents
  • Development and implementation of a transition plan with the district and families
  • Responsive to developing a partnership with families
  • Supervision of the program
  • Development of formalized behavior plan for students, as appropriate

Other specialized programs are available. Please see our program for children with intensive needs and our program for children with therapeutic needs.

Lisa Miller

Sandy Crowell