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Upcoming Events and Sessions
from Hamilton County ESC

Coaching Council – 9/16/2019

Participants will: Build a professional learning network of coaches. Continue to hone their coaching craft. Benefit from coaching feedback provided by ...
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Leading from the Middle – 9/17/2019

Examine the skills and practices required to be an accomplished assistant principal and instructional leader. Complete self-assessments related to the revised ...
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One Degree Shift in Understanding Race, Class, Culture & Poverty in the Classroom – 9/17/2019

Participants will: explore current research on supporting students from diverse backgrounds. compile strategies for creating a culturally responsive classroom. collaborate and ...
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Resident Educator Mentor Academy – day 1 and day 2 – 9/17/2019

New mentors to the Resident Educator Program are required to successfully complete the two-day RE mentor academy to receive mentor certification ...
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IEP Technical Assistance – 9/17/2019

Expand knowledge of best practices for writing compliant IEPs. Explore resources making IEP writing easier. Review basic IDEA mandates and updates ...
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Supporting all Algebra Learners with GeoGebra and Graspable Math – 9/18/2019

Learn how GeoGebra and Graspable Math scaffold learning and support all algebra students in solving equations, factoring, graphing equations, and solving ...
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The Equity Circle – 9/19/2019

Explore ideas and resources to support individuals with diverse identities. Share best practices and ideas for creating & maintaining an environment ...
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Everything You Need for Mathematics Coaching – an online book study – 9/23/2019

Participants will: build leadership capacity. analyze the effectiveness of their mathematics coaching. explore effective tools/strategies. hone coaching skills. Full details and ...
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Science Council – 9/23/2019

Participants will: network and collaborate with other K-12 content educators in the Cincinnati area. connect with national, regional and state networks ...
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Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System Training – 9/24/2019

Evaluators of school counselors and the school counselors themselves are highly encouraged to attend together. To become a certified evaluator of ...
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Supporting all Geometry Learners with GeoGebra and GeoGebra 3D – 9/25/2019

Learn to use GeoGebra to create dynamic apps that help students make sense of coordinate proofs, compass and straightedge constructions, transformations, ...
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Beginning Educator Bootcamp – 9/25/2019

Learn and practice engagement and instructional strategies. Explore classroom management techniques. Navigate state and district curriculum documents to align instruction. Full ...
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Outline of state of Ohio, colorful outline of head, with supporting text for how HCESC supports mental wellness.