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from Hamilton County ESC

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Evaluator Training – 12/10/2019

The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Evaluator Training will prepare an evaluator of teachers, as defined by the role you serve ...
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Open the Door to Open Education Resources for Mathematics – 12/12/2019

Create intentional curricular plans for your district teams. Investigate, compare and contrast Mathematics Open Education Resources. Identify potential and unlikely Mathematics ...
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The Power of Positive Relationships – 12/16/2019

Participants will: Learn how to develop "collective efficacy" to meet the needs of all students. Develop empathy and understand student trauma ...
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Rigor & Reality: New Ohio Science Standards Exploration – 12/17/2019

Updates regarding the curricular shifts in content within the New Ohio Science Standards. Explore the rigor descriptions that connect the Ohio ...
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OTES 2.0 Information From ODE – 12/17/2019

Learn the changes with the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System to be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year. Full details and registration ...
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Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat – 1/2/2020

Define innovation, why innovation matters, and the current system for innovation in your organization. Learn then practice a communication method for ...
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Beginning Educator Bootcamp – 1/3/2020

Learn and practice engagement and instructional strategies. Explore classroom management techniques. Navigate state and district curriculum documents to align instruction. Full ...
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Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education – An Online Bookstudy – 1/6/2020

Understand key concepts and terms related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to work effectively ...
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Innovate Inside the Box (Online Book Study) – 1/13/2020

Leverage the Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning with a focus on developing meaningful relationships. Develop the 8 Characteristics of the ...
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Trauma Informed Systems of Supports: Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices in a Strategic Plan/CCIP (Part 3) – 1/14/2020

Review and Understand strategies that help us in becoming a Trauma Informed School. Identify causes of key findings Identify strategies and ...
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Instructional Strategies for Content Teachers of ELs (using SIOP) – 1/14/2020

Learn theories of Second Language Acquisition. Learn and apply effective strategies for instructing English Learners (ELs). Full details and registration at ...
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Theory of Mind (ToM) Interventions: Improving Social and Academic Success Infancy through Adolescence – 1/16/2020

Summarize current research documenting neural bases for emotional understanding and ToM. Describe the developmental stages of ToM from infancy through adolescence ...
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Outline of state of Ohio, colorful outline of head, with supporting text for how HCESC supports mental wellness.