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Upcoming Events and Sessions
from Hamilton County ESC

Making Co-Teaching Stick: Sustainable Practices for Collaborative Instruction – 1/29/2020

Explore responses to issues that emerge in new and established co-teaching contexts. (i.e scheduling, measuring success, data collection). Network with other ...
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Jim Wright Returns! – 1/29/2020

Gain understanding of clearly defining the role of general classroom teachers, and additional resources for an effective and strong Tier 1 ...
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AAC Conversations: A Place for Everyone to Meet, Learn, and Share about AAC – 1/30/2020

Identify two new resources to utilize when developing AAC intervention and implementation plans. Learn how to dynamically apply and individualize AAC ...
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More with Desmos’ Activity Builder: The Computation Layer – 2/5/2020

Learn how Desmos activities consist of screens, which in turn, consist of components. Learn how to add small bits of code ...
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4th Annual Innovation Showcase – 2/6/2020

Expose districts to innovations in the area, to learn from one another. Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=39501 ...
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Understanding the Challenges of Emotional and Behavioral Students – 2/11/2020

Focus on behavior reduction through anxiety, anger, violence, and explosions in the classroom. Build capacity with research-based instructional strategies. Explore effective ...
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Vicarious Trauma and Compassionate Staff – 2/19/2020

Understand the difference between vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burn-out. Recognize the signs of vicarious trauma. Learn how to prevent vicarious ...
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Behavior, Behavior, and More Behavior – 2/21/2020

Dive into a deeper understanding of behavior by identifying the basic principles. Understand how to apply antecedents, behavior, and consequences to ...
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Beyond the Algorithm: Reading and Writing Strategies for MS and HS Math Classrooms – 2/21/2020

Learn concrete literacy strategies that apply to math instruction. Apply new concepts to upcoming classroom lesson plans. Promote increased student discourse ...
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The Environment Matters! – 2/21/2020

Discover 3 new quick and easy environmental tips to implement today. Understand the importance of the learning environment to effective teaching/therapy ...
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When Gifted Kids Don’t Have all the Answers – An Online Bookstudy – 2/24/2020

Develop a greater range of knowledge regarding gifted student and their social emotional needs. Read and analyze practical strategies for responding ...
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Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics – 2/24/2020

Develop a greater range of knowledge regarding gifted student and their instructional needs. Read and analyze practical strategies for differentiation. Implement ...
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