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How to Support Families with Behavior Concerns at Home – 12/2/2020

It is often difficult to know where to start when talking to families about their child's behavior at home. This training ...
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How to Make Self-Contained/SoComm Work – 12/3/2020

You will learn how to create visual schedules, provide structured teaching, and learn a variety of behavior supports to bring back ...
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One Degree Shift in Understanding Race, Class, Culture & Poverty in the Classroom – 12/3/2020

The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you can alter, even by a millimeter, the way ...
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Principal Leadership Reimagined Cohort – 12/8/2020

The role of principal encompasses a wide array of responsibilities and expectations. Research clearly demonstrates the power of effective leadership and ...
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Trauma Responsive Educational Practices: A Whole School Effort to Meet the Needs of Students and Staff – 12/9/2020

Dr. Micere Keels leads the Trauma Responsive Educational Practices Project and comes with a wealth of information on how to address ...
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AAC Conversations – 12/9/2020

Network! Network! Network! Join colleagues from a variety of settings and from around the region as we learn from each other ...
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Leading from the Middle – 12/10/2020

Far too little attention has been paid to the role that assistant principals have in the development of high performing schools ...
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Instructional Coaching Institute – 12/10/2020

Does your role include supporting teachers’ growth and use of high quality student data? Do remote/blended/in person options have you spinning? ...
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The ETR is More than a Report! Part 3 – 12/10/2020

With the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on education and equity, now more than ever, teams need ...
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Innovation Council – 12/11/2020

The Innovation Council meetings are meant to be networking sessions for our region's districts. Innovation principles, as well as "mini-showcases" of ...
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Stressed Brains Cannot Learn: Becoming Trauma-Informed – 12/11/2020

Based in brain science, this session invites participants to understand belonging and resilience as trauma-informed springboards for designing an environment for ...
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Vicarious Trauma and Compassionate Staff – 12/15/2020

Are you searching for supports to limit the increasing impact of student mental health and behavioral needs on your emotional well-being? ...
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Trauma for Educators – 12/16/2020

Join this exceptional group of professionals as we explore the impact of stress on the brain and its functions. We will ...
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AAC Story Time – 12/17/2020

Join in with your students and/or caregivers as we host our monthly AAC Virtual Story Time. We will be modeling AAC ...
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Phonics and The Alphabetic Principle (An Online Learning Course) – 1/4/2021

Do you teach young readers or struggling readers? Do you have reading and/or phonics limitations listed on your license(s) and need ...
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