Administrative Mentoring and Coaching

Schools need quality leaders. Districts select leaders they believe can be successful, but those administrators need continuous support and mentoring to be highly effective. We can provide that needed support using experienced professionals to coach and mentor the leaders in your school district. Our consultants are ready to use their depth of experience and knowledge to assist your leaders in meeting their personal, professional, and organizational goals.

Karen Austin

We have launched a new Executive Coaching Experience within EmpowerED Leadership led by former Sycamore Community Schools’ Superintendent Adrienne James and her team.

This experience, designed to enhance and strengthen one’s leadership capacity, helps administrators inspire others, solve complex challenges, and enrich the culture of teaching and learning.

Our EmpowerED Leadership coaches, experienced education administrators, provide leaders with actionable insight into how to enhance and grow their leadership skills and management performance. Each participant in the Executive Coaching experience pairs with a coach who serves as their personal and confidential consultant to help strengthen traits effective and successful leaders possess.

The Executive Coaching experience within EmpowerED Leadership expands innate skills while further developing vital leadership competencies such as diplomacy, entrepreneurialism, and personal leadership style.

The executive coaching components include:

  • A Success Blueprint – A personal leadership profile that identifies individual leadership strengths and challenges.
  • Executive Coaching – Five individual sessions with a coach experienced in educational leadership.
  • Executive Learning – Includes sessions focusing on the major tasks of personal and organizational leadership; full day and half-day sessions throughout the year. Learning culminates with attendance at the 2020 Midwest Leadership Summit.

For additional information on this particular service, contact Adreinne James at 513.674.4374 or