Trauma Informed Systems of Supports

Three troubled children.

Non-compliant behavior can be a trauma-related defense mechanism. Seemingly innocuous events can activate a student’s flight, fight, or freeze response impacting their ability to learn.

The caring individuals in these students’ lives are searching for support.

We can help.

TISS Cohort Membership

Membership in an HCESC TISS networking cohort provides professional development and coaching for your building level leadership team and staff members.

Leadership Team Professional Development

Your building level leadership team will receive four professional development sessions with facilitators experienced in the areas of mental health, systems planning, curriculum, assessment, and school/district leadership. 

Sessions include: Self-Assessment through a Trauma-Informed Lens, Data-Analysis through a Trauma-Informed Lens, Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices in a Strategic Plan/CCIP, and Monitoring Tools to Ensure Implementation.

Gear surrounding cartoon image of a person.

Customizable Coaching for Staff​

Your building’s staff members can expect ten customizable coaching days with our coaches in the areas of Understanding Trauma, SEL training, and consultation on how to implement a “trauma-informed lens.”

Trauma Certified Coaches

Our trauma certified coaches* guide teams through a strategic planning process while providing training for all staff members in social and emotional learning strategies that will help avoid potential triggers and assist in de-escalating student situations.

Photo of Allison Curran
Allison Curran, CTP-E • Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Chris Gilkey
Chris Gilkey, CTP-E • School Psychologist
Photo of Jason Haap
Jason Haap, CTP-E • Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Kathy Kettle
Kathy Kettle, CTP-E Ed • Leadership & Systems Development
Photo of Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall, CTP-E • School Psychologist


*Hamilton County ESC TISS coaches have received CTP-E (Certified Trauma Practitioner-Education) certification from The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, part of the Starr Global Learning Network (SGLN).

We're here to help.

Trauma-Informed Systems of Supports (TISS) examines all aspects of a school’s or district’s operations through a trauma-informed lens. Contact us today to join the HCESC TISS cohort or learn more about this important new service.

Through the Trauma-Informed Looking Glass

A four part professional development for your team.

09/18/18 • Self-Assessment through a Trauma-Informed Lens

11/29/18 • Data Analysis through a Trauma-Informed Lens

01/30/19 • Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices into a Strategic Plan/CCIP

03/19/19 • Monitoring Tools to Ensure Implementation​

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