Gifted Collaborative 21/22 – Session #4 – 4/26/2022

Come learn with Holly, Chris, Nicole, and Jamie!

The Gifted Collaborative is an ongoing series of virtual professional development provided by the HCESC gifted coordinators to support those teachers who are working with gifted learners. Each session will consist of sharing any new gifted updates and resources, a 45 minute new learning session to promote new instructional strategies, and time to learn and share with other teachers of gifted around Southwestern Ohio.

The 2021/22 series is 4 events (quarterly). Each session is an hour and a half (7pm-8:30pm). This is a free PD that also qualifies as HQPD for gifted hours. Please register for each session separately.
We look forward to learning with you!

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Special Education Director Series – 2/23/2022

In the ever-changing field of education, special education directors take on a leadership role encompassing a multitude of essential functions and responsibilities to manage their district’s special education services.

This series provides new and relatively new special education directors practical strategies and considerations they can incorporate in their daily work, opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions and learning activities plus build a professional network.  Participants will have access to a padlet of resources and information for each session.

Series topics include but not limited to:

  • First Things First – Reminders for Starting the School Year
  • Examining Ways to Maximize Team Roles and Responsibilities and Build Collaborative Relationships
  • Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with the Ohio Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities and IDEA
  • Internal Monitoring:  Setting Up and/or Revising Systems for Compliance
  • Communication Considerations for Building Family Engagement and Equity
  • Understanding Auxiliary Services including the Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs
  • Investigating Special Education EMIS:  Student Special Education Section
  • Closing Out the School Year and Preparing for Next Yer
  • Director Topic Choices




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Stress-Free Strategies for Inclusive Classroom-Based Intervention – 1/27/2022

The benefits of providing intervention in the classroom to maximize the impact of SLP services have been well-documented. However, practical application of inclusive collaborative intervention can be challenging. Scheduling, planning, progress monitoring, lesson development, and buy-in are common concerns as SLPs strive to provide efficient and effective services in the LRE for students on their caseloads.

This seminar will provide SLPs with proven, practical strategies to address these challenges along with multiple lesson ideas and innovative practices that facilitate curriculum – aligned progress and increased collaboration among educational professionals.

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Effective Strategies for Content Teachers of ELs (using SIOP) – 1/27/2022

Join us for this two-day session (January 20th and 27th) designed for content, EL teachers, related services staff, and anyone working to support ELs seeking intensive instructional support grounded in research and includes effective instructional strategies such as differentiation, grouping and pacing.


USE PROMO CODE: consortium

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Teacher Coaching and Feedback Cohort 2 (Virtual) – 1/27/2022

The Teacher Coaching and Feedback Cohort is a professional learning experience that builds the instructional leadership capacity for building-level administrators.

Cohort members will observe, learn, and practice feedback and coaching strategies from the text, 7 Tools for Developing Teachers and Teaching (Mike Rutherford). Participants will observe live classes at schools and apply their learning in real time. Schools are selected by participants within the cohort. Focus areas for feedback and coaching will include the OTES rubric, district-specific goals, and school-wide initiatives.

The overall purpose is to develop the coaching and feedback skills of administrators to improve their teachers’ instructional skills and techniques, leading to increased student achievement.

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Coaching Council – 1/28/2022

Coaches spend their days filling others’ buckets. Coaches deserve the opportunity to receive the same support they provide others. Join the Coaching Council to build your network, enhance your instructional coaching, and fill your bucket.  Be sure to bring your device in order to have access to shared resources.


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Preventative Practices to Avoid Risky Behaviors – 2/1/2022

Schools play a critical role in supporting students’ mental, emotional, and behavioral development by establishing life-long coping skills and behaviors. This three-part, virtual series focuses on implementing preventative practices in your school to expand your students’ potential. Join us for part one of this series as we: 

  • Review the continuum of care for mental, emotional, and behavioral development.
  • Explore how the models of prevention fit into the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). 
  • Gain familiarity with the six strategies of prevention planning.
  • Hear from local mental health professionals regarding supports available in your community Sessions are free to participants thanks to funding provided by the Ohio Department of Education.

A Zoom link and password will be sent to registered participants prior to the event.

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Women in Leadership – 2/9/2022

2021-22 Women in Leadership Series

Join us for enlightening and inspiring conversations with women leaders who are successful in their careers and learn strategies to maneuver through situations that impact leadership effectiveness and advancement. This is an opportunity to grow in your professional and personal life as you learn from the collective wisdom of dynamic women leaders. We guarantee that our time together will be reflective, enriching, encouraging, and empowering.

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