Seasonal or Temporary Tech Assistance

Do you have specific times (for example school start-up, shut-down, or over spring break) when you could use some additional hands to help respond to mounting technology assistance requests or tasks? Do you have a one time project that you could use an extra person to help you meet a looming deadline such as the rollout of new student or teacher machines or carts?

We employ technology students from local colleges just for this purpose, as an inexpensive way to assist you in meeting the mounting workload that new or aging deployments can cause, or at seasonal times when the number of simultaneous requests dramatically increases.

This service is customizable to meet your needs. Learn about additional technology services at


Arline Pique, Director

Rusty Stamper, Technology Administrator

Frontline Central

Frontline Central is secure Human Resource database where districts can efficiently manage employee files, hiring forms, and additional district forms.

  • Frontline Central is a integrated with other Frontline products including Absence Management (AESOP), Applicant Tracking, Professional Growth, and Special Education/Intervention.
  • Candidates hired through Applicant Tracking can have their personal information uploaded directly in Frontline Central.
  • All district hiring forms including tax, payroll, and HR can be sent and completed electronically.
  • Employee contracts and other ongoing forms can be sent and completed electronically.
  • We provide setup an initial training to district staff.


Matt Wendeln

Technology Personnel Support Service

Our Technology Personnel Support service is designed to give you customized technology support without having to hire full-time personnel. Hamilton County ESC can provide partial support for special projects or comprehensive coverage.

We have three levels of skill sets available including Workstation Technician, Network Technician, and Network Administrator. Our certified personnel have expertise in all areas including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other technologies. Choose from one to five days per week or per month or request service on an as-needed basis.

We can evaluate your situation and infrastructure to maximize the talents of your existing staff while our experts fill in where you need supplemental resources. We support your flexibility to adapt your support staff based on the type of technology you want to use.

This service is fully customizable and you may mix and match skill sets as well as the number of days you need these services in your district or building.

A few of many key supports include:

  • Day-to-day network management
  • Computer repairs – Break/Fix
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • Infrastructure design and implementation including wireless networking
  • Project rollout
  • Internet, e-mail, wireless technology
  • Redeployment of equipment
  • Technology planning and implementation strategies

 Learn about additional technology services at


Arline Pique, Director

Rusty Stamper, Technology Administrator

Ohio Teaching Jobs is the gateway to finding and posting positions for employment within southwest Ohio schools.

Membership in the (Greater Cincinnati School Application Consortium) provides school districts a streamlined way of finding, evaluating, and hiring the most qualified job candidates. Through the use of a large and growing database, district personnel can find the ideal certificated, classified, and administrative applicants.

Created for the unique needs of school systems, the consortium automates application storage, retrieval, and tracking. The system can be used to find teachers, substitute teachers, administrators, and non-teaching employees.

  • School administrators can use AppliTrack to manage the application process from beginning-to-end without depending on paper or time-intensive clerical work.
  • Applications are automatically added to a fully searchable database. When it comes time to hire a new teacher, a point-and-click search menu allows administrators to find qualified candidates in minutes.
  • May be integrated with Gallup Teacher Insight, AdminFit, TeacherFit and JobFit candidate selection tools.
  • Shared cost. The consortium allows districts to share the costs of running the system.

With the system’s simple application process, applicants are likely to apply to all of the districts within the consortium. This increased pool improves the district’s chance of finding better teachers.

Consortium now over 50 districts and organizations in multiple southwest Ohio counties. Hamilton County ESC manages all aspects of the consortium system.


Matt Wendeln

Absence Management Service

Membership in the Absence Management (formerly Aesop) consortium provides school districts a streamlined way of finding substitutes and filling employee absences in a timely fashion by utilizing an automated substitute placement system that posts and fills openings using both the phone and the Web. Through the use of a large substitute database, district personnel can choose qualified educators to provide coverage in classrooms.

In partnership with Clermont County ESC and through Comprehensive Substitute Solutions, we employ substitutes directly, relieving districts of the challenges of recruiting, employing, managing, and paying substitutes.

  • Absence Management (formerly Aesop) provides school districts a quick, automated way of filling employee absences via both the phone and the web
  • Because multiple districts share the system, substitutes are more likely to apply to other districts within the consortium. This increased pool improves the districts’ chances of finding more qualified substitute teachers.
  • As the host, Hamilton County ESC provides database entry and management, and other services to ensure the system’s maximum efficiency
  • Project Management – Hamilton County ESC organizes meetings, communicates with Absence Management (formerly AESOP), and manages all other aspects of the system
  • Help Desk – Hamilton County ESC provides ongoing and timely technical assistance to district personnel and substitutes
  • Districts save money by sharing the costs of running the system
  • Consortium continues to grow – now over 40 districts and other educational organizations throughout southwest Ohio, serving thousands of educators and other school personnel


Matt Wendeln, Program Manager

Graphic Design and Printing

Hamilton County ESC’s Graphic Design and Printing offer full-service design, printing, and creative services. Business Cards, NCR Forms, envelopes, annual reports, folders, vinyl banners, yard signs – anything a school or organization would need. We offer both high-quality full color and black/white printing at an affordable price.

We use our knowledge, creativity, and graphic design experience to create beautiful layouts, designs, and illustrations that demonstrate your district’s uniqueness and effectively communicate your message. Our designs are original and created specifically for your organization in a style that complements your branding.

Just a few of the things we can do!

  • Provide high–speed color, and black and white printing with a fast turn-around time.
  • Digital storage enabling customers to comfortably order and receive last-minute recurring print projects.
  • Digital and hard copy capability, from 1 copy to 100,000 copies. No project is too big or too small. Our print shop team has close to 60 years of combined experience and can knowledgeably help guide customers to a finished project.
  • We offer a variety of finishing capabilities, from stapling, tape binding and folding, to saddle stitching, GBC binding, and coil binding.
  • We offer large format printing as well. Posters are a wonderful way to communicate with both educators and students alike. With our brand-new large format printer, our posters can excite and engage all who see them.

We will meet the needs of your project every time. The quality that we place into printing the project is enhanced by the quality we put into finishing the project.


Gary Bates, Printing

Leesa Scudder, Graphic Design

Lauran Stump, Graphic Design

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