Professional Learning Modules

Professional, self-paced learning modules for your teachers and staff!

As we ask teachers to adapt and thrive and help students to do the same, it’s important we provide high quality professional development experiences that model remote teaching strategies.

At Hamilton County ESC, we’re always looking for ways to solve educational challenges and simplify the lives of our partners. 

Our learning format models a cohesive instructional arc, complete with an overview to focus on an essential question and its real world application in the classroom. Topics are broken down into sections where learners engage, explore, and explain their understanding of the learning objectives.

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Appropriate for all grade levels and subject areas, modules generally take 3-5 hours to complete with up to three subtopics per module.

Get Googley With It

Learn about the tech tools Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Slides, and Google Sheets as you revisit the basics of the Google Suite tools and their applications for you as an educator.


Want to unpack the modes, methods and research behind getting students to be motivated in your classroom? This course will shine a spotlight on current research and best practices associated with student motivation.

Problem Based Learning: Driving Questions and Entry Events

In this course, learners will do a “deep dive” on driving questions and entry events- the foundation of well-designed PBL approaches.

Twitter: Teaching Alone is For the Birds

Twitter is a powerful tool to connect educators to ideas and support. This course will help educators learn the ropes of Twitter and put the tool to good use in developing a professional learning network.

What is Problem Based Learning?

Maybe you’ve heard of PBL, or even tried it out. But how well do you understand the strategies that underlie this pedagogy? This course is designed to help you construct effective projects for your students by using high-quality questioning strategies.

Have a specific learning module need? 

We also work with districts to provide custom designed courses. 

For a full course catalog and pricing information contact Arline Pique at 513-674-4312 or

While we can work with just about any learning management system, we partner with Abre!

Abre provides a scalable way for schools to offer both quality professional development and easily track progress of teachers and administrators against their professional development goals. Learn more about Abre at or by emailing

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