Logo for Hamilton County ESC


Hamilton County ESC’s logo is composed of a signature, icon, and tagline.HCESC logo specs

The icon is a circle composed of two specific colors divided down the middle, with the letters “esc” across the center, and an arrow at the top of the circle pointing upward. The circle or “esc ball” is proceded by the signature “hamilton county.” The logo may include our tagline, “Solving your challenges. Simplifying your life.” The tagline may be to the right of the icon or underneath the signature and icon together.


Using the Hamilton County ESC Logo

The Hamilton County ESC Logo Standards and Usage guidelines provides an overview on how to use the Hamilton County ESC logo to effectively communicate our brand. Prior to using the logo all relationships with organizations must be approved by Hamilton County ESC.

Logos are available in JPEG and EPS formats. For logos and information on co-branding with Hamilton County ESC, contact:

Rob Kovacs, Communications Coordinator

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