Thinking Outside the Box: 4 Cs of Gifted Learners Part Two – 6/9/2022

This course features two all-day sessions focused on expanding the toolkit of teachers working with gifted students around creativity and critical thinking. The two-day sessions can be taken individually in any order for 7 hours of HQPD each, or together for 15 hours of HQPD with an additional assignment. We will be “hiking” through paths of discovery, exploring ideas around “watering holes”, playing in “sandpits”, gathering around “campfires” to share stories, and more. Our explorations will benefit teachers in in-person, remote, and blended settings.

Important session information: This June 9th session will fulfill 7 hours of the annual gifted HQPD requirement. Taken with the June 8th session (or a previous Part 1Thinking Outside the Box workshop), you will have fulfilled the annual requirement of 15 contact hours of gifted HQPD. If a pivot to a virtual platform is needed, your day(s) will involve a combination of Zoom meet-ups in combination with away-from-the-screen activities.

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