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Technology Assistance Group

We provide workshops and customized professional development at a variety of locations, including online and in your district. Whether a public school district, community school, parochial school, or non-profit organization, we can work with you to develop a consulting, professional development, or support solution that meets your needs.

Arline Pique
Director of Technology

Our Services

Seasonal or Temporary Tech Assistance

Do you have specific times (for example school start-up, shut-down, or over spring break) when you could use some additional ...

Instructional Technology Audit

After technology has increased within a school or district, its use often grows organically and "pockets of excellence" arise. After ...

Instructional Technology Coaching

Technology should be a tool to assist with the learning process. Many times teachers need a hand with seamlessly bringing ...

Technology Leadership, Planning, and Administration

Our instructional technology consultants can assist with planning the vision for technology in your district as well as support other ...

Technology Personnel Support Service

Hamilton County ESC’s Technology Personnel Support Service is designed to give you customized technology support without having to hire full-time ...

Arline Pique talks about the work of the Technology Assistance Group.

edTech Coaching Council


Technology Leadership Council

edTech Coaching Council 2019 – 2020

Newly created for Fall 2019, the Hamilton County ESC edTech Coaching Council is designed with a focus on instructional technology use in the classroom.

Who attends edTech Coaching Council? Technology integration specialists, media specialists, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders that are looking for new ideas, tools, and strategies that will help educators improve their use of instructional technology in the classroom.

Note: An optional vendor provided “brunch-n-learn” is usually scheduled prior to edTech Coaching Council beginning at 8:00am. Please check monthly registration for topic.

09/12 • 9am – 11am • HCC

10/10 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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11/14 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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01/09 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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03/12 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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04/09 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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05/14 • 9am – 11am • HCC
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Technology Leadership Council 2019 – 2020

Technology Leadership Council is an almost monthly meeting of advocates for quality education through the use of technology in our schools. We keep leaders up-to-date and in the know through a collaborative environment where best-practice solutions are shared and discussed.

Who attends Technology Leadership Council? CTOs, Curriculum Directors, Superintendents, Technology Directors and Coordinators… anyone who leads the charge for the use of technology in their school or district!

Note: An optional vendor provided “lunch-n-learn” is usually scheduled prior to TL Council beginning at 11:15am. Please check monthly registration for topic.

09/12 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC

10/10 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC
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11/14 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC
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01/09 • 12:30pm – 3pm • Scarlet Oaks
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03/12 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC
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04/09 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC
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05/14 • 12:30pm – 3pm • HCC
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Our Team

Arline Pique
Director of Technology

Rob Kovacs

Amy Attinger
Instructional Technology Consultant

Adam Bessler
Instructional Technology Consultant

Kerry Daus
Instructional Technology Consultant

Rebecca Dwenger
Instructional Technology Consultant

Katie Enneking
Instructional Technology Consultant

Jennifer Haller
Instructional Technology Consultant

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Jackie Heinzelmann
Instructional Technology Consultant

Megan Janes
Instructional Technology Consultant

Terri Manning
Technology Systems Consultant

Steve Phelps
Instructional Technology Consultant

Holly Smith-Conway
Instructional Technology Consultant

Jennifer Stadtmiller
Instructional Technology Consultant

Technology Infrastructure Support

Rusty Stamper
Network Administrator

Tech Support Crew:  Don Buchheit, Dylan Dykes, Corri Frey, Jerri Jutzi, Ron Lawson, Anita Lewis, Nick Mahan, Jeff Simmons, Taylor Schneider, and Joe Vlachos.