Teaching Twice Exceptional Learners in Today’s Classroom: An online book study – 1/14/2022

Twice-exceptional (2e) learners have often been misunderstood, disciplined, unchallenged, and left behind. They’re called lazy and unmotivated. But they’re not: a diagnosis such as a learning disability, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, or anxiety masks their giftedness. Or their giftedness blocks educators from seeing their struggles.

Often, educators don’t have the tools to meet their needs. Emily Kirchner-Morris, in her book Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today’s Classroom helps bridge that gap.
In this self-paced book study participants will explore real life stories and examples to better understand and/or implement:

• How giftedness and disability intersect

• Strategies for supporting the specific needs of 2E learners

• Interventions based on the various labels or diagnoses 2Elearners may have

• The strengths and struggles that come with each exceptionality

• Information that will help determine the appropriate services, accommodations, modifications, and collaborations with other educational professionals through Section 504 plans or IEPs

Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=41408

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