Tapping Student Agency through Personalized Learning Approaches in Math for both Tier 1 and Gifted Learners – 6/7/2022

How can you recruit learners into the daily educational design process? Without bridges between solid educational concepts and student agency, personalized learning will remain largely an overwhelming endeavor. This session intends to build bridges from current teacher practices to necessary student owned design. We will do so through the focus of a specific-discipline, utilizing strong disciplinary practices to model personalized approaches.
While this session is for educators of all learners, we have positioned it as such with gifted specialists so that gifted education competencies can also be leveraged. Personalized learning can be a way to achieve that perfect pace and provide the agency that gifted students crave.
The above specialized learning session in gifted education meets the following competencies outlined by The Ohio Department of Education:
a) The ability to differentiate instruction based on a student’s readiness, knowledge and skill level, including using accelerated content, complexity, depth challenge, creativity and abstractness;
b) The ability to select, adapt or create a variety of differentiated curricula that incorporate advanced, conceptually challenging, in-depth, distinctive and complex content;
c) The ability to provide an extension or replacement of the general education curriculum to modify the learning process through strategies such as curriculum compacting and to select alternative assignments and projects based on individual student needs;
d) The ability to understand the social and emotional needs of students who are gifted and to address the impact of those needs on student learning.

Learn, dream, experience, envision, and plan with our team in June!
Allison Curran-Innovation Council and Instructional Coach
Christina Sherman-Math Instructional Coach
Erin Schultz-Math Instructional Coach
Nicole Dietrich-Gifted Coordinator

Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=41472

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