Midwest Leadership Summit

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New this year – PRECONFERENCE – Monday, June 5th!


Student and Business Perspectives

Students and business leaders will share their perspectives on the future of learning and the workforce. These morning and afternoon breakout sessions will feature area students showcasing the work they are doing today to prepare for tomorrow and local business leaders sharing their insights on the future of the workplace.


Ross Dawson – Future Thinking: Making Sense of Accelerating Change to Improve Education

Ross Dawson is a world-renowned futurist and keynote speaker who inspires audiences with powerful, practical insights into the future and how to seize today’s opportunities. He is a best-selling author of five books and has been named one of the world’s top influencers on the future of work.

Collaboratively we will explore ways to think more effectively about the future. What clues, insights, and trends help us understand human nature as we consider what might happen next? What things can we do today, so we are more likely to move toward the future we want?


Anna Russo, M.Ed. – Future Thinking Workshop (AM) and Local Leader Sessions (PM)

Anna Russo, M.Ed., is the Director of Community Futures at Knowledge Works. Anna will lead a game-based workshop that will engage participants to think about changes that shape the future of learning and the implications of these changes for learning communities. The workshop will engage participants in hands-on learning, reflection, and discussion about the changes and enable participants to identify critical areas for further work or exploration.

Local Education Leaders (Breakout Sessions)

Local education leaders will share innovative programs in their districts and ways they engage staff and students to prepare for the future.

Previous Speakers


  • Cornelius Minor: What are we Missing? Why We Keep Walking Even Though We Know How To Fly
  • Principal Baruti Kafele: Is My School, Team, Department, Division, or District Better Because I Lead It?


  • Elena Aguilar keynote and live chat with Janet Baird
  • Mike Kleba keynote and live chat with Dr. Ryan O’Hara


  • Jimmy Casas – Start. Right. Now. – Teach and Lead for Excellence
  • Katie Novak – Inside the Box


  • Katie Martin – Teaching and Leading in a Changing World
  • George Couros – Leading Innovative Teaching and Learning


  • Mike Rutherford – The Artisan Leader… Recognizing and Developing Excellent Instruction
  • Pedro Noguera – Educational Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Student


  • Todd Whitaker – What Great Leaders Do Differently
  • Eric Sheninger – Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times


  • Eric Jensen – Get an Amazing “Trifecta” of the 3 Most Powerful Tools Any Change Agent Could Possibly Want or Have!
  • Anthony Muhammad – The Will to Lead and the Skill to Teach: Transforming Schools at Every Level


  • Dr. Mike Schmoker – Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning
  • Dr. Gail Latta and Dr. Leo Bradley – Leading Change
  • Eric Thomas – Leadership and Change

The Midwest Leadership Summit is co-sponsored by

Butler County ESC and Hamilton County ESC.

Strengthen your leadership team and learn strategies to make positive changes in the culture and achievement of your organization!

The safety and well-being of our employees, partners, and guests is our top priority. We strive to provide a healthy environment that is inclusive for all. Please understand that health-related protocols may be in effect at the time of an event. We will continually assess the ever-changing impact of any health-related concern (such as COVID-19) and may adjust our policies accordingly.

Administrative Mentoring and Coaching

Schools need quality leaders. Districts select leaders they believe can be successful, but those administrators need continuous support and mentoring to be highly effective. We can provide that needed support using experienced professionals to coach and mentor the leaders in your school district. Our consultants are ready to use their depth of experience and knowledge to assist your leaders in meeting their personal, professional, and organizational goals.


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OTES Evaluator Training

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OPES Evaluator Training

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OSCES Evaluator Training

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Technology Leadership, Planning, and Administration

Our instructional technology consultants can assist with planning the vision for technology in your district as well as support other administrative tasks related to technology and instruction. We have experience creating short and long-range professional development plans, conducting instructional technology integration audits, leading and coordinating technology services, and organizing district initiatives.

Learn about additional technology services at https://www.hcesc.org/technology.


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