Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics by Beth Kobett and Karen Karp – Online Book Study – 9/7/2022

Strengths-based mathematics teaching approach benefits all students, including those who repeatedly have difficulty in mathematics. Shifting attention and focus from a students’ weaknesses to an emphasis on their strengths invites opportunities for students to recognize their value, increase their confidence and engage in learning with purpose.
Important questions we will discuss.
Why Strengths-Based Instruction?
Who is Strengths-Based Mathematics Teaching For?
What are Mathematics Strengths we See in Students?
Exploring Your Own Math Identity
Moving to a Strengths-Based Perspective
Practices that Build a Strengths Cycle
Participants should attempt to make each meeting time to engage with other educators.

Participants are responsible for purchasing the book
(ISBN 9781544374932)

A Zoom link and password will be sent to registered participants prior to this event.
September 7th Meeting ~ no prior reading required, we will do introductions, discuss format and online tools.

Full details and registration at

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