Strategy Deck

Do you participate in data meetings? Then the Strategy Deck is a tool for you!

First, take each suit and stack them on the table in front of you.

As you review things like formative assessment data, consider which categories best address your needs: Classroom Culture, Depth & Rigor, Learning Management, New Content, or Student Engagement. We have developed different ways of engaging with the cards to enhance your data meetings.

Our basic approach is called “The Funnel.” Identify the suit best aligned to your discussion. Maybe you think the issue this cycle was with “Learning Management.” Turn the cards over one at a time. Discuss which strategy best fits your needs and commit to trying it for the next cycle.

The HCESC Strategy Deck of cards is a hands-on and interactive way to identify strategies for data-based instructional cycles. But ultimately, it is up to you how you might utilize this unique tool!

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Strategy Deck

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