Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students Book Study – 1/9/2023

From the author (Todd Stanley): “This book is designed to help teachers turn their gifted classroom, or any classroom for that matter, into a project-based learning environment. There are numerous advantages associated with shifting from traditional learning to PBL. For instance, project-based learning:

– allows for more creativity

– is easily differentiable for students of varying ability levels

– motivates underachieving gifted students 

-creates a passion for learning.

Together, we will discuss the concepts in this book and learn how to engage and empower gifted students through project-based learning. Participants will need to purchase their own book. The ISBN numbers are: ISBN-10:1646321073, ISBN-13: 978-1646321070. The full title is Project-Basked Learning for Gifted Students: A Step-by-Step Guide to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom by Todd Stanley.

This book study will count for 15 hours of gifted HQPD. This book study will cover the following gifted competencies:

a) The ability to differentiate instruction based on a student’s readiness, knowledge and skill level,
including using accelerated content, complexity, depth challenge, creativity and abstractness;

b) The ability to select, adapt or create a variety of differentiated curricula that incorporate advanced,
conceptually challenging, in-depth, distinctive and complex content;

c) The ability to provide an extension or replacement of the general education curriculum to modify the
learning process through strategies such as curriculum compacting and to select alternative
assignments and projects based on individual student needs;

d) The ability to select, use and interpret technically sound formal and informal assessments for the purpose of academic decision-making.

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