Online Learning with HCESC

ONLINE COURSE: Standards Boot Camps Courses (09/09)

Become familiar with Ohio’s content standards, explore their alignment, and plan for the necessary instructional and assessment design shifts. These online course are set up in a 9-week module format that permits participants to complete the weekly modules at their convenience. Participants will earn 30 contact hours for this course.

ONLINE COURSE: Dual Language Development and Disorders

Become immersed in the latest research and best practices from a wide variety of settings. Using this network of educators, we will construct a framework for dual language learners (also known as English learners, English language learners and multilingual students) that will use evidence-based strategies for screening, response-to-intervention, assessment, treatment and classroom practices for this unique population.

BOOK STUDY: Everything You Need for Mathematics Coaching: Tools, Plans, and a Process That Works for Any Instructional Leader

by Maggie B. McGatha, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, Beth McCord Kobett, and Jonathan A. Wray

Have you been searching for tools, plans and processes to make your life easier as a leader in mathematics? Do you want to network with other mathematics leaders?

In this 8-week online book study with Maggie McGatha and Jennifer Bay-Williams’: “Everything You Need for Mathematics Coaching: Tools, Plans, and a Process That Works for Any Instructional Leader.” Alongside their toolkit, the authors lay out a purposeful plan that would help make the most difficult of instructional goals attainable.

BOOK STUDY: Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System

by Kelly J Mahler

You are able to feel your breathing and acknowledge how your stomach or head feels, but how does our body do this? 
What happens if your body doesn’t accurately interpret these signals? How does it affect your learning? Join us in a book study where we explore and learn ways to help our students become more aware of their eighth sensory system.

BOOK STUDY: Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom

by John T. Almarode

Ever wonder how to influence students’ learning? Or how to select the right task, at the right time, for the right phase of learning? Or what Visible Learning for Mathematics strategies might look like at your grade level?

Join other K-12 math educators in this ten-week online book study using the newest resources in the Visible Learning for Mathematics series. Select your grade band book from the “Teaching Mathematics in the Visible Learning Classroom” collection and not only learn what works, but what works best and when!

BOOK STUDY: Practical Literacy Coaching – A Collection of Tools to Support Your Work

by Jen Miller Burkin

Are you trying to strengthen your effectiveness as a literacy coach/leader? Have you been searching for proven tools developed by coaches who have “been there”?

Join other literacy leaders and coaches in this 8-week online book study with Jen Miller Burkin’s: “Practical Literacy Coaching – A Collection of Tools to Support Your Work.” Her rich compilation of ready-made tools will enhance your literacy coaching by building skills across a wide range of responsibilities such as communication, literacy research, and technology. In an engaging, no-nonsense style, this veteran coach and literacy consultant describes how to use each tool, provides action steps with reflection questions, and explores important aspects of coaching.

WEBINAR: Accessibility and Google

“I didn’t know that Google could do that!” Join us for an interactive virtual meeting where you will learn the numerous built-in accessibility features of Google. Leave with confidence and an “I know what we can do!” attitude to better support your struggling students with accessibility tools they already have at their fingertips.


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