Maximizing Mathematics Teaching and Learning Opportunities with AI (Artificial Intelligence) – 10/16/2023

Explore the boundless potential of AI in K-12 math education! This professional development workshop is designed to equip teachers with cutting-edge strategies for leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance mathematics teaching and learning. Discover how AI can personalize instruction, streamline assessments, and foster critical thinking through interactive simulations. Learn to create inclusive classrooms by harnessing AI’s power for differentiation and intervention. We’ll address ethical considerations and provide hands-on experience with AI-powered tools, empowering you to lead your students into an AI-driven future with confidence and competence. Join us for this transformative session and revolutionize your math classroom! Bring your own device.

Full details and registration available here.

The safety and well-being of our employees, partners, and guests is our top priority. We strive to provide a healthy environment that is inclusive for all. Please understand that health-related protocols may be in effect at the time of an event and may adjust our policies accordingly.

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