Learners’ Invisible Identities: Using Learner Profiles – 7/29/2020

The combination of remote learning, many unknowns, and anticipated gaps in learning have primed us all to realize more the “invisible” academic identities of our learners. We need ways to access the uniqueness of each learner both in readiness and habits of mind. Learner profiles can bring universal design for learning (UDL) components together with self-reflection to recruit learners to craft a profile of themselves to use for learning in any environment. This session will examine some sample learner profile components, including touching on UDL, and provide space for participants to begin crafting a profile template they could use in the fall and beyond.

Zoom link and passwords will be sent to participants on or before the event start time.

Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=40919