Administrative Search Services

Hamilton County ESC provides administrative search services. Districts and schools are provided affordable services from experts with local knowledge and experience. Hamilton County ESC provides searches for Superintendents, Treasurers, Curriculum Directors, Pupil Personnel Directors, Central Office Positions, Building Administrators, and others. Hamilton County ESC will lead Administrative Search Services for key administrative positions.


  • A comprehensive team-based approach by experienced administrators with knowledge and expertise in quality leadership
  • Statewide contacts through the ESC network
  • Affordable, readily available and customized to your specific needs

Process can include:

  • Develop the position specifications and priority selection criteria
  • Develop the recruiting materials
  • Determine the extent of the search – regionally, nationally
  • Design, print and distribute brochures
  • Actively recruit candidates
  • Process applications
  • Evaluate and vet candidates
  • Recommend a pool of candidates to interview
  • Assist with the interview questions, process, and selection criteria

Follow-up services may include:

  • Mentoring services to the candidate selected so they experience a successful start
  • Assistance with establishing the Superintendent’s Evaluation System so there is an established, clear set of expectations

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