Fifth Annual Innovation Showcase: Diamonds in the Rough – 5/17/2021

Announcing the 5th Annual Innovation Showcase 2021: “Diamonds in the Rough”

The theme for this year’s innovation showcase derives from the innovations we have all been privy to in this always-evolving context called a pandemic! We have witnessed innovations born from survival, elevated by risk-taking, and opening unchartered doors in education.

This year, we will celebrate innovations we would like to see outlive the pandemic!

The 5th Annual Innovation Showcase will look a bit different this year. In anticipation of face-to-face interactions remaining limited and continued strains on districts, the innovation celebration videos will be available during a week-long innovation event May 17-May 23. Participants can view at their leisure and participate in an asynchronous interactive forum after viewing.

Join us to elevate the practices that feed the transformation of school and are truly diamonds in the rough.

Please contact Allison Curran 513.674.4317/ or Erin Milligan 513.674.4301/ with questions.

NOTE: The link for the asynchronous event will be provided to registered participants and posted here closer to the event start.

Full details and registration at

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