Every Moment Counts: A Mental Health Initiative – 1/17/2020

  • Apply a multi-tiered, public health approach to mental health with children and youth by embedding strategies at Tier 1 (universal mental health promotion), Tier 2 (targeted prevention), and Tier 3 (individualized).
  • Describe the dimensions of positive mental health and apply evidence-based mental health promotion strategies grounded in positive psychology research.
  • Describe and implement embedded strategies and model programs emphasizing mental health promotion, prevention and intervention throughout the school day in natural settings including classroom, recess, cafeteria and after school (Comfortable Cafeteria, Refreshing Recess, Calm Moments Cards).
  • Describe strategies for how to strategically promote leisure participation for youth with and without disabilities and/or mental health challenges in school and community-based settings.
  • Describe what comprehensive mental health literacy entails and how to interact with and make accommodations for children/youth with identified mental disorders and/or who are struggling emotionally.
  • Complete a gap analysis of needs and brief strategic plan for implementation of Every Moment Counts model programs and embedded strategies.
  • Describe how to build capacity of school personnel to apply a multi-tiered approach to mental health involving Communities of Practice (CoP) and online discussions.

Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=39579

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