Empowering Gifted Introverts in the Classroom With the Use of Technology – 11/20/2023

Studies report that up to 75% of the highly gifted are introverts. Join Gifted Specialist Dr. Nicole Dietrich and Instructional Technology Consultant Jess Laudeman to explore the curious link between introversion and giftedness and the unique challenges that students who are both gifted and introverted may face. This session will begin with a deep dive into the differences between introversion and extroversion. These temperaments are not just behavioral. They impact how a child processes energy, renews at the end of the day, interacts with the world and even learns! Simultaneously, this session will highlight various ways that technology can offer a voice to these students and help them feel empowered in the classroom. Join us to learn how to make your class cozy and supportive for gifted introverts!

Full details and registration available here.

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