Cerebral Vision Impairment- CVI – 10/17/2023

CVI Evaluation and Treatment: Cerebral visual impairment (CVI) is the leading cause of visual impairment in children. Children with CVI have difficulty processing visual information leading to delays in the child’s learning and development including everyday activities such as self-feeding, play, dressing, mobility and exploring the environment. Occupational and physical therapists are two disciplines who evaluate and intervene with children who have CVI. Therefore, it is important that occupational and physical therapists understand who to detect CVI and how to implement interventions adapted for children with CVI. In this session, we will discuss screening and assessment tools that can be utilized by occupational and physical therapists who treat children with CVI. We will discuss how to interpret the assessment results for those who are not performing the assessments but implementing the findings into their treatment plan. We will review the level of evidence for interventions in the literature for children with CVI. Finally, we will go into detail about intervention strategies that can be used during every day activities to optimize success for children with CVI. We will apply the learnings to case studies throughout the session.

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