Behavioral Health and Mental Wellness Support Services

Behavioral Health & Mental Wellness Support Services

Mindy Fischer
Director, Behavioral Health and Mental Wellness Support Services

Mindy Fischer

Liz Fenimore

Linda Frey

Abby Hanlon

Kristy Anderson

Instructional Services

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Instructional Services

Have you been thinking about bolstering your programs with top-notch consulting? Or using embedded and/or virtual coaching as a way to take your professional development to the next level?

When you partner with Instructional Services from Hamilton County ESC, we strive to develop a relationship that solves your challenges and simplifies your life. Our consultants have experience in virtually all aspects of school improvement. We deliver custom-created professional development solutions to meet your needs.

Lisa Miller
Director, Instructional Services

Instructional Council

HCESC Instructional Council meets almost every month during the school year with a focus on teaching and learning. We assist leaders in creating the schools or their dreams by cultivating an environment filled with opportunities, inspiration, connection, and curiosity.

A room full of adults sitting at tables listening to someone speak.
Who attends Instructional Council? Curriculum Directors, Central Office Coordinators, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents, Principals, and Instructional Coaches.

Instructional Council 2023-2024 Meeting Dates

Agendas and Materials

09/07 • 8:00am – 11:00am

10/05 • 8:00am – 11:00am

11/02 • 8:00am – 11:00am

12/07 • 8:00am – 11:00am

01/04 • 8:00am – 11:00am

02/01 • 8:00am – 11:00am

03/07 • 8:00am – 11:00am

04/04 • 8:00am – 11:00am

05/02 • 8:00am – 11:00am

06/06 • 8:00am – 11:00am

If you are interested in having your district or school be a part of Instructional Council, contact Lisa Miller, Director, Instructional Services.


Our Team

Lisa Miller
Director, Instructional Services

Julie Scarlato

Michael Eckert

Caleb Allen
Education Consultant

Anne Berger
Education Consultant

Lisa Campbell
Education Consultant

Karen Crema
Education Consultant

Allison Curran
Education Consultant

Nicole Dietrich
Education Consultant – Gifted

Nicole Dozois
Education Consultant

Kasey Dunlap
Education Consultant

Kaite Greene
Education Consultant

Amanda Hardewig
Education Consultant

Laura Halonen
Education Consultant

Tracy Jennings
Education Consultant

Colissa Jordan
Education Consultant

Kathleen Jones 
Education Consultant

J Lail
Education Consultant

Jessica Lingenfelter 
Educational Consultant

Malinda McReynolds
Educational Consultant

Laurie Mancini 
Educational Consultant

Erin Milligan
Education Consultant

Jenny Moeller
Curriculum Consultant

Lisa Mock
Education Consultant

Lauren Moman
Curriculum Consultant

Corbin Moore
Curriculum Consultant

Benita Mudd
Education Consultant

Holly Mueller
Education Consultant – Gifted

Tom Olson
Education Consultant

Amy Ossola
Education Consultant

Sarah Preda
Education Consultant

Jeri Reddert
Education Consultant

Dorothy Reynolds
Education Consultant

Cathy Schroeder
Education Consultant

Michael Ross
Education Consultant

Erin Schultz
Education Consultant

Christina Sherman
Education Consultant – Math

Natombi Simpson
Education Consultant

Amy Spicher
Education Consultant

Craig Spite
Education Consultant

Dan Steffen
Education Consultant

Jennifer Steller
Education Consultant

Joan Stidham
Education Consultant

Cheryl Turner
Education Consultant

Cari Vangen
Education Consultant

Amy Wettengel
Education Consultant

Chris Walters
Education Consultant

Bri Warden
Education Consultant

Craig West
Education Consultant

Rachel Wiemken
Education Consultant

Kelsey Winebar
Education Consultant

Technology Assistance Group

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Technology Assistance Group

We provide workshops and customized professional development at a variety of locations, including online and in your district. Whether a public school district, community school, parochial school, or non-profit organization, we can work with you to develop a consulting, professional development, or support solution that meets your needs.

Arline Pique
Director of Technology

Technology Services

Seasonal or Temporary Tech Assistance

Do you have specific times (for example school start-up, shut-down, or over spring break) when you could use some additional ...

Instructional Technology Audit

After technology has increased within a school or district, its use often grows organically and "pockets of excellence" arise. After ...

Instructional Technology Coaching

Technology should be a tool to assist with the learning process. Many times teachers need a hand with seamlessly bringing ...

Technology Leadership, Planning, and Administration

Our instructional technology consultants can assist with planning the vision for technology in your district as well as support other ...

Technology Personnel Support Service

Our Technology Personnel Support service is designed to give you customized technology support without having to hire full-time personnel. Hamilton ...

Arline Pique talks about the work of the Technology Assistance Group.

Technology Councils

edTech Coaching Council 2023 – 2024

The Hamilton County ESC edTech Coaching Council is designed with a focus on instructional technology use in the classroom, innovative technologies, and best practices for helping teachers.

Who attends edTech Coaching Council? Tech integration specialists, media specialists, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders looking for innovative ideas, tools, and strategies that improve their use of instructional technology in the classroom.

09/14 • 9am – 11am

10/12 • 9am – 11am

11/09 • 9am – 11am

01/11 • 9am – 11am

03/14 • 9am – 11am

04/11 • 9am – 11am

05/09 • 9am – 11am

Technology Leadership Council 2023 – 2024

Technology Leadership Council is a monthly meeting of school technology administrators. We keep leaders up-to-date and in the know through a collaborative environment where best-practice solutions are shared and discussed.

Who attends Technology Leadership Council? CTOs, Curriculum Directors, Superintendents, Technology Directors, and Coordinators… anyone who leads the charge for the use of technology in their school or district.

09/14 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

10/12 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

11/0912:30pm – 3:00pm

01/11 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

03/14 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

04/11 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

05/09 • 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Interested in attending edTech Coaching Council or Technology Leadership Council?

Contact Arline Pique, Director of Technology

Our Team

Arline Pique
Director of Technology

Rob Kovacs
Technology Coordinator

Heather Braeckel
Instructional Technology Consultant

Brandi Clark
Instructional Technology Consultant

Rebecca Dwenger
Instructional Technology Consultant

Katie Enneking
Instructional Technology Consultant

Jennifer Haller
Instructional Technology Consultant

Jackie Heinzelmann
Instructional Technology Consultant

Jess Laudeman
Instructional Technology Consultant

Terri Manning
Technology Systems Consultant

Holly Smith-Conway
Instructional Technology Consultant

Sara Sheldt
Instructional Technology Consultant

Technology Infrastructure Support

Rusty Stamper
Network Administrator

Tech Support Crew: Jerri Jutzi, Luke Katenkamp, Ron Lawson, and Drew Piazza.

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Early Learning and Head Start Services

Logo for Early Learning Program

Early Learning and Head Start Services

Hamilton County ESC Early Learning and Head Start programs encompass many of the services and programs that directly support children. Half-day and Head Start programs are held at various sites around the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Stacie McMahon
Director, Early Learning Services and Head Start

Learn more below our contact us directly about our services.

Intervention and Support Services

Intervention and Support Services

Our intervention and support services team covers a vast array of programs including the Assistive Technology Consortium, the Learning Center at North Norwood, and our school nursing program. We assist a multitude of districts by providing support in communication, occupational/physical therapy, counseling, and school psychological services. Services can be customized to meet your district’s needs. Contact us today for additional information.

Joan Lawrence
Director, Intervention and Support Services

Center for Urban Educational Services

Logo for Center for Urban Educational Services

Center for Urban Educational Services

Is your school and/or district seeing an increase in urban populations? Are the old ways of doing things no longer getting the results you want? We can help. We can assist you in efficiently aligning resources to face the challenges of urban education. The work can seem daunting, and it requires all involved in the process to be aligned to a common mission and vision.

We understand the barriers present in an urban educational setting, and we have solutions to encourage, support, and inspire meaningful school improvement. We have experience in this field, and our experience as implementation experts can help you accelerate student achievement.

Paul Smith
Director CUES

School Improvement Services

School Improvement Coaching/Consulting

We have coaches and consultants who work in schools and classrooms on a part-time or full-time embedded basis. That means they work side-by-side with teachers and administrators, offering resources, co-planning and co-teaching, feedback, or whatever meets a school’s particular needs. Our coaches work with content-area teachers on curriculum and instruction. We help implement school-wide initiatives, from literacy across the curriculum to positive behavior intervention programs, and more.

Federal Programs Consulting

Federal Title services can be challenging to manage fiscally. We can help. We consult with districts to create Title budgets and expenditure reports.

Understanding Poverty

Our consultants facilitate discussion on the unique aspects of overcoming the barriers of poverty.

Collaborating to Achieve Student Excellence (CASE)

CASE is a system we’ve developed for partnering with you to solve your challenges. When we first meet to start a CASE-file, we look at six key areas:

  • Data Collection & Review
  • Implementation Plan
  • Knowledge Base
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Evaluation

Grant Writing Services

Do you need assistance in capturing your ideas in seeking out federal grants? We have a team of consultants who can work with you to seek out and write grants.

Positive School Culture Services

Creating a healthy culture within your district, schools or teams is vital to a positive learning environment. Our team can work with you to conduct cultural audits and design a plan to move from a toxic culture to a healthy culture.

Career Tech Coach and Consultation

Our consultants can assist schools who are implementing career technology courses within their offerings. We provide guidance in using federal funds efficiently. and offer one-to-one embedded coaching.

“Your CUES consultant is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful. She wants students to succeed and teachers to grow.”

Amber Simpson, Principal, Pleasant Ridge Montessori, Cincinnati Public Schools

Social and Emotional Design and Coaching

Our consultants can create a curriculum that can be integrated into your school day or week. Our team can provide one to one coaching to provide effective SEL content and instruction.

Paul Smith talks about the work of the Center for Urban Educational Services.

ELL/ESL Services

We have resources designed to meet the needs of schools facing the unique challenges that come with ELL / ESL services.

ESL and EL Services / Title III Consortium

SIOP Virtual or Face to Face Coaching

  • Consulting for program development for Title III
  • Audit services for Title III
  • Supply of part-time or full time certified ESL itinerant teachers
  • Native Language Supports (paraprofessional service)
  • Professional development for instruction, administration cultural diversity, and compliance
  • Individual case assessments
  • Language vs learning disabilities training
  • In-District Coaching for teachers regarding ELLs
  • Resource library for ESL instruction
  • Regional Consortium for Administrators
  • Preschool ELL program development
  • Foreign Language Support Services
  • Refugee School Impact Grant Support
  • ESL interpretive services
  • ESL Parent Involvement

“CUES ELL consultants have provided superb support services for our English Language Learners. Our staff has been able to apply these Instructional strategies to promote the growth of all of our students. Additionally, the CUES consultants have helped our district in addressing concerns around students acquiring English as a second language.”

Kevin Wright, Director of Student Services, Madeira City Schools

Our Team

Our CUES consultants specialize in partnering with urban educators and schools to solve their challenges. Our consultants can help with any aspect of school Improvement. We want you to be encouraged, supported, and ready to learn from the experiences we have had. We are here to solve your challenges and to simplify your life.

Anne Allen

Chris Anderson

Sandy Bauman

Janis Bellon

Suzi Bubash

John Coburn

Duane Crowe

Dora Daniels

Mona Desai

Maria Diaz

Diane Gregory

Jason Haap

Kelly Herges

Aryn Johnson

Gale Jorgenson

Gregory Lynch

Jessica Magee

Kate Meier

Heidi Messbarger

Tammy Metcalf

Lisa Miller

Laura Nocito

Deb Pendley

Andy Phillips

Kimaya Pope

Richard Pridemore

Stephanie Rabbitt-Schappacher

Connie Reyes-Rau

Christy Roy

Emily Schwegman

Elizabeth Sewell

Leslie Schicht

Beth Schnell

Paul Smith

Kelly Stahl

Jaclyn Wolff

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