Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle – 2/1/2021

With Covid-19 upending our personal and professional lives, teachers are reporting more stress than ever. Although self-care strategies can help us cope short term, we need a science-based plan of action to manage our stress and emotions long term. The authors of Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle set out to do just that by teaching us:-how to complete the biological stress cycle-how to manage the “monitor” in your brain that regulates the emotion of frustration-how our society creates challenges specific to women; and how to deal with them featured on the Brene’ Brown podcast, Unlocking Us, the Nagoski sisters wrote this book in response to dealing with emotional exhaustion and to “show you… that you’re normal and you’re not alone,…offer evidence-based tools to use when you’re struggling…and inspire and empower you to create positive change.” In this book study we will learn to apply the strategies offered and “grow mighty” together.

Participants are required to puchase their own book. Burnout is also available as an audiobook. For more information about the book, visit the website: https://www.burnoutbook.net/

Full details and registration at http://www.escweb.net/oh_hcesc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=41174