Learning for teachers and parents - building better bonds - teacher with students and parent with children

The pandemic has taught us how many families lack access to mental health and wellness care. As a culture, mental health is stigmatized, and many people do not have ready access to mental health and wellness resources.

We want to change that.

By strengthening the school-family relationship, Building Better Bonds with Families seeks to redefine how at-risk and disengaged families relate to the school community. We want families to view school as one place to receive new kinds of support amidst trying times, creating more compassionate school cultures now and in the future.

Building Better Bonds with Families includes two main components:

These structures and approaches represent how we will access high-quality learning experiences. These trainings and resources speak to inequities by addressing the foundational needs to be met for people whose social circumstances during quarantine have accentuated a dearth of social and emotional health and stability.


Building Better Bonds with Families is brought to you by ACCESS – a collaboration of 10 Educational Service Centers throughout Ohio. ACCESS includes Brown County ESC, Clermont County ESC, Fairfield County ESC, Hamilton County ESC, Lawrence County ESC, Madison-Champaign ESC, Pickaway County ESC, Ross-Pike ESD, South Central Ohio ESC, and Southern Ohio ESC.

If you have any questions concerning Building Better Bonds with Families, please email support@buildingaccess.org.

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