Book study with HCESC

A rainy day is a great day for a book… and a book study.

Better Conversations 5/25/2020

Explore the beliefs and habits of Better Conversations. Analyze the effectiveness of their conversations. Hone conversation skills. Build leadership capacity.

One Degree Shift: BYOB Community Book Study 5/25/2020

Engage in conversation & learning with parallel texts. Analyze and understand inequitable systems. Build capacity, knowledge, and awareness around race, racism, and antiracism. Develop the skills to have difficult conversations.

A Novel Approach 5/26/2020

Gain practical advice and explore how to put the best practices shared in the book into practice. Identify the skills students need to learn and exploring practical strategies to support skillful reading of texts. Map out the timing of units and strategies to support student learning.

Balance with Blended Learning 6/24/2020

Gather a working definition of blended learning. Learn strategies to actively engage students in setting goals, monitoring development, reflecting on growth, using feedback, assessing work quality, and communicating their progress with parents. Connect with other educators and begin to plan for blended learning in the 2020-21 school year and beyond!