3 online book studies beginning October 1st

The Art of Coaching

A variety of people working around a table.

Join other leaders and instructional coaches in this 8-week online book study with Elena Aguilar’s: The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation.

In this active learning experience, you will take part in dialogues around the topic of instructional coaching, a topic in which all participants share a common interest. This dialogue will offer you the opportunity to gather together to improve your understanding and determine the implications and situational applications resulting from what you read.


Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics

Girl looking at laptop screen.

“The need for change in mathematics education at the high school level is particularly critical. Rigorous standards, along with increased knowledge and implementation of research-informed instructional practices have contributed to a positive long-term trend since 1990 in mathematics learning at both the elementary and the middle school levels. However, the steady improvement in mathematics learning seen at the elementary and middle school levels has not been shared to the same degree at the high school level” (Larson, 2018, p. xii).

It’s time that we initiate this critical conversation and Catalyze Change in High School Mathematics.

Join other passionate educators in this online book study with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’: Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations.


Better Conversations

A man and woman sitting across from each other at a coffee bar.

“Our schools are only as good as the conversations within them.” (Knight, 2016, p. 4)

Do you find yourself communicating with others through conversation? Curious how you could maximize the effectiveness of those conversations? Join other professionals in this 8-week online book study with Jim Knight’s newest resource: Better Conversations: Coaching Ourselves and Each Other to be More Credible, Caring, and Connected.



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