Trauma Informed Systems of Supports (TISS)

Too often, schools plug into various training opportunities without revisiting the overall systems in place. We know teachers need strategies for avoiding student triggers, for de-escalating situations, and more – but what happens when a school’s disciplinary processes and procedures are themselves the triggers? What if those routines escalate situations? That’s where TISS comes in… We … Read moreTrauma Informed Systems of Supports (TISS)

Understanding Trauma for Administrators – 6/4/2019

Describe trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the impact they have on student learning. Recognize that compassion fatigue is a risk for staff members. Understand how a systems approach reduces the negative impact trauma has on learning. Provide a few strategies to staff to begin the journey of becoming more trauma informed. Full details … Read moreUnderstanding Trauma for Administrators – 6/4/2019