Trauma Informed Systems of Supports (TISS)

Too often, schools plug into various training opportunities without revisiting the overall systems in place. We know teachers need strategies for avoiding student triggers, for de-escalating situations, and more – but what happens when a school’s disciplinary processes and procedures are themselves the triggers? What if those routines escalate situations? That’s where TISS comes in… We … Read more Trauma Informed Systems of Supports (TISS)

Trauma-Informed Transition Planning – 6/29/2020

With so many unknowns, districts will be forced into nimble decision-making. In our efforts to be efficient, we could create environments that are not trauma-aware. Jumpstart thinking about transitioning to face-to-face instruction looking through a trauma lens. Bring a team or a friend so that you can consider trauma-informed decision-making for your specific context. Registration … Read more Trauma-Informed Transition Planning – 6/29/2020

Supporting Mental Wellness

House Bill 166 was passed in July 2019 and invested $675 million to help districts and schools support their students’ academic achievement through mental health counseling, wraparound services, mentoring, and after-school programs. In an open letter to Ohio school superintendents, Governor Mike DeWine said that the funds “were intentionally designed to give school districts maximum … Read more Supporting Mental Wellness

Partnering to improve the lives of students

School-Justice Partnerships and Diversion Pathways Program PRESS RELEASE Seven Area Agencies Partner to Improve Outcomes For Students Change is coming to Cincinnati in regards to the system for how many of its organizations handle juvenile justice. This year, three of the largest school districts in Hamilton County- Northwest Local Schools, Cincinnati Public and Princeton City … Read more Partnering to improve the lives of students

Summertime at Hamilton County ESC

Happy end of summer. :-/ Be sure to check the location of your sessions carefully as we are using a variety of places for our workshops due to construction on our main campus. 8/02  Understanding Trauma for Administrators8/05  RBT Certification Training8/05  Resident Educator Mentor Academy8/06  Thinking Outside the Box: 4Cs for Gifted Learners8/07  DESMOS and … Read more Summertime at Hamilton County ESC